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TCM Beauty Therapy

TCM Beauty Therapy is an effective, non-surgical treatment to reduce the signs of aging and improve health and a youthful appearance through holistic way. The treatment has been evolved over thousands of years until today, it is safe and proven effectiveness.

Boosting Collagen

Acupuncture can stimulate collagen generation, helps reduce fine lines, reduce scar, and anti-ageing.

Sharpening face line

Guasha therapy can improve lymphatic drainage, help reduce puffiness, reduce double chin and sharpening jawline

Improve Circulation

Improve overall Qi & Blood circulation, helps reduce acne breakout, reduce dark circle,  faded pigmentation, and improve complextion.

​Body Regulation

Body acupuncture helps regulating internal organ function, balancing hormones, reduce stress and tension. TCM believes that our complexion is reflection of our internal body.

Beauty Therapy with Holistic therapeutic effect


Cosmetic Acupuncture

using fined needle with 0.16mm diameter

abdominal acu.jpeg



Selected acupoint based on individual body needs 


Face, Neck & Shoulder Guasha

Gentle manipulation without causing redness on face



Special blend formula for anti-ageing, suitable for all skin type

First Trial PROMO

RM140 (save RM40)

*First time consultation fee RM25

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