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Herbal Prescription 中药颗粒

RM100 per week

15 minutes


  • KKM certified Herbal medicine, GMP Medicine from Taiwan

  • Modern herbal medicine extract in powder form, which only need to mix with warm water, no need to cook.

  • TCM practitioner will make a follow-up consultation every week to understand the situation before prescribe the medicine.

  • For outstation patient, medicines can be deliver after online consultation.

  1. 现代科学中药颗粒(国家卫生局认证),台湾GMP工厂制造。

  2. 只需冲泡热水即可服用,无需熬煮。

  3. 医师每周会复诊了解情况,才配药。

  4. 偏远地区可以线上问诊寄送药物。

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